Transformer Robot/Car Using Legos

There is something enormously intriguing about combining your childhood’s two favorite toys: Transformers and Legos. But can it be done, and how well, building a Transformer capable of changing shape using only Legos? After a quick googling of the topic (as always), it was obvious others had done it already, so why not give it a try. Unfortunately there are very few instructions on how to do this step-by-step and what Lego techniques to use, so one must find the best practices mostly by himself.

Then I stumbled upon It’s an online catalog of all existing Lego pieces with an integrated list of shops that sell those parts. A true candy shop for the adults (or kids, why not). This will make the building of any weird Lego project trivial, at least in the sense that you will always have the exact pieces you need. About 16 € and one week later I was ready to build my first own Lego transformer. I did buy a lot of pieces I eventually did not need; but no worries, you can never have too much Legos.

Anyhow, I was quite pleased with how everything turned out. Definitely a solid robot form, and the car form is recognizable as a car:

Just to show the mechanism for hiding the arms, legs, and head.

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